Towards a Resource-Aware Formal Modelling Language for Workflow Planning.


Healthcare industry is in a process of digitalising their activities. One of the most crucial ones is the automation of workflow planning. Workflow planning usually requires domain-specific knowledge, which makes it still a rather manual process requiring domain experts. In addition, workflows in healthcare sectors are mainly cross-organisational. Minor changes in the workflow of a collaborative partner may be propagated to other concurrently running workflows, which can result in substantial negative impacts. In this position paper, we present an initial step of an approach towards automating workflow planning. We show how to connect workflows of collaborative workflows through a resource sensitive formal modelling language. We then use an example to show how the language can be used to model cross-organisational workflows, and we discuss how static analyses can be performed on cost approximation and resource scheduling to facilitate planning automation.

Proceedings of MEDI 2021 International Workshops: Advances in Model and Data Engineering in the Digitalization Era.