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Locally Abstract, Globally Concrete Semantics of Concurrent Programming Languages

DOI CroFlow

Modular Soundness Checking of Feature Model Evolution Plans

DOI CroFlow


CroFlow: Enabling Highly Automated Cross-Organisational Workflow Planning

Young Research Talent Project funded by the Research Council of Norway.

PiV: Patologi i Vest

Pathology services in the Western Norway Health Region – a centre for applied digitization

SLAS: Synchronous Languages meet Asynchronous Semantics

AURORA mobility programme between Norway and France, partially funded by the Research Council of Norway.

UpScale: From Inherent Concurrency to Massive Parallelism through Type-based Optimizations

UpScale was an EU FP7 FET Open-X research project. The project aims at making use of the manycore computers of tomorrow as efficient as possible.


Western Norway University of Applied Sciences
   DAT103: Computers and Operating Systems
   DAT151: Database and Unix System Administration
   DAT191: Bachelor Thesis (Previously DAT190)

University of Bergen
   INF214: Concurrent Programming
   INF122: Functional Programming

Universiyt of Oslo
   INF4140: Models of Concurrency
   INF2220: Algorithms and data structures

University of Macau
   ECSS021: Computer Literacy